10X Multiomics:
ATAC + Gene Expression

Chromium Single Cell Multiome provides a comprehensive, scalable multiomic approach for simultaneously profiling epigenomic landscape and gene expression in the same single nuclei. This is achieved by transposing nuclei in a bulk solution. Using a microfluidic chip, the nuclei are partitioned into nanoliter-scale Gel Beads-in-emulsion (GEMs). A pool of 736,000 10x barcodes is sampled to separately and uniquely index the transposed DNA and cDNA of each individual nucleus. ATAC and gene expression (GEX) libraries are generated from the same pool of pre-amplified transposed DNA/cDNA and sequenced. The 10x Barcodes in each library type are used to associate individual reads back to the individual partitions, and thereby, to each individual nucleus. Read more on the website of 10X Genomics.



  • Combined epigenomic and gene expression profiling using the Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin (ATAC) to identify regions of open chromatin accompanied with RNA-seq on the same cell.
  • Interpret epigenetic profiles correlating with gene expression.
  • Study regulatory networks by linking open chromatin regions with gene expression profiles at single cell resolution.


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