Laser Microdissection 
followed by 
RNA and DNA sequencing

ZEISS PALM MicroBeam Axio Observer 7 allows capturing of even the most demanding specimens – cryosections, FFPE materials, native tissue like fresh plants, live single cells and chromosomes – without contamination.

Microdisected tissues or cells, are suitable for DNA, RNA and protein extraction, allowing RNA-seq, transcriptomics, genomics, CNV-analyses, SNP-analyses, proteomics, WGBS, etc.

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Zeiss PALM microbeam
Laser capture microdissection


Ghent University,
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When entering the Ghent University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences through the main entrance, elevators will be located in front of you. NXTGNT is situated on the third floor. When exiting the elevators, NXTGNT is located at your right-hand side.


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