10X Single Cell NANOPORE seq

Single-cell transcriptomics reveals intercellular gene expression heterogeneity that cannot be revealed using bulk-cell analyses alone. Isoform-level expression data obtained from nanopore sequencing of single-cell libraries can reveal cell-type-specific differences in transcript splicing that are undetectable in short-read single-cell transcriptomic data. This is useful for identifying phenomena such as isoform switching during cell development. For example, Lebrigand et al. demonstrated that, in the mouse brain, the Clathrin light chain A gene (‘Clta’) undergoes isoform switching during neuronal maturation. In this study, the team identified 76 genes with cell-type-specific transcript usage.

Figure adapted from 10X Genomics
Figure adapted from Lebrigand et al. 2020

NXTGNT has ample experience with 10X Genomics library preparation and Oxford nanopore sequencing. With our PromethION P24 system, we can provide the high throughput necessary for single-cell cDNA nanopore sequencing.


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