Parse Biosciences single cell sequencing

The Cell is the Reaction Vessel

Parse Biosciences technology converts each cell or nucleus into an individualized reaction compartment, avoiding microfluidics-based compartmentalization of individual cells into individual droplets. Microfluidic instruments limit cell sizes, cell numbers, and can produce a high number of multiplets. Using Parse Biosciences, barcoding happens within the cells themselves, resulting in extraordinary specificity and scalability. Between 10,000 to 1 million cells can be processed in a single experiment providing great flexibility. The same third-party analysis tools used for e.g. 10X Genomics sequencing can be used to analyze the Parse Biosciences single-cell data.


Fix Now, Run Later

Fix samples as they become available to lock in the biological state, and run them later together in a single experiment. A workflow enhancement that is also ideal for time-course experiments. After a 30-minute fixation, samples are stable for 6 months. Whether working on a time-course study, sharing samples between laboratories, or segregating sample preparation from core lab space, fixation provides the flexibility to work the way you desire.



Lock in gene expression immediately after tissue dissociation with a rapid fixation protocol. After fixation your samples can be stored for up to 6 months or you can proceed directly to barcoding.


​Starting with 1-48 fixed biological samples, pass cells through three split-pool combinatorial barcoding steps to append a cell-specific combination of DNA barcodes to each transcript.

Library Prep

Prepare barcoded molecules for next generation sequencing. Up to 8 sequencing sublibraries (each containing 100-12,500 cells) can be prepared in parallel. Sublibraries can be sequenced independently at different sequencing depths.

Data Analysis

After sequencing, use our computational pipeline to generate an experimental report along with processed data (including gene-cell count matrix) that integrates into existing open source tools (Seurat, Scanpy, etc.)



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